• Meet our Pastors

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    Pastor Cory Odom

    Lead Pastor

    Bishop Cory Odom was appointed as Interim Pastor in October 2011 and received his official appointment as the Pastor by the State Bishop on March 18, 2012.

    Pastor Cory is a native of Marion County and has previously served as the Associate Pastor of Morgantown Church of God, Assistant Pastor at the Purvis Church of God, and as a state evangelist in Mississippi.

    A dynamic minister and teacher of the Word of God, Pastor Cory is sensitive to the guidance of the Holy Spirit. In addition, the congregation is blessed by the ministry of his wife, Kayla, who serves as the local Director of Women’s Ministries. They have two children, Gracie and Reece...and number 3 will be here soon!

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    Pastor Shyla Williams

    Family Pastor

    Sister Shyla Williams arrived at Morgantown Church of God in May of 2012. And she has been nothing but a blessing since.

    Sister Shyla is a native of Florida and has served as Childrens Pastor for nearly 10 years.

    A visual and highly energetic teacher of God's Word, Sister Shyla loves to interact with the children in her charge. She has a very genuine care for every child and family who walks into the doors of the Children's sanctuary. Sister Shyla serves in ministry along side her wonderful husband, Brother Pete Williams. Together, they have 4 children, Tanner, Kyla, Abby and Kaden.